Double Cluck Farms | Pheasant Hunt at Double Cluck 1/28/17
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Pheasant Hunt at Double Cluck 1/28/17

Pheasant Hunt at Double Cluck 1/28/17


This past weekend, we had some out of town guests from Florida and decided to try and get them on a few pheasants. They were a little surprised by the 20 degree windy weather.  Although our wild population is pretty strong out here, we decided to release a few birds to ensure they had some action.  We released around 30 birds first thing in the morning.  Around 10:30 we decided to head out check out the pics! It was a great day.

We started out our day on the corn strips and let the dogs loose.  Here at Double Cluck we have over 60 acres of upland plots but the corn plots have been producing lately with this cold weather.

The action started right away and we got some great shots with our new Sony camera…be patient with this, we are learning as we go with this new camera 🙂 Here is Nick Pudik dropping a pheasant in one of our corn plots…

Check out the rest of the pics of the day…we even got into some wild coveys of quail.  The first go with the new camera was a success.  If you like our blogs, see below to subscribe.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member at Double Cluck, click here or fill out the form at the end of this page and we will be in touch stat!

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