Double Cluck Farms | Membership Guidelines
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Membership Guidelines

Double Cluck Rules, Regulations, and Policies

  • Immediate family members includes spouse and children/grandchildren under the age of 18
  • $25 guest fee (after you surpass your allotted guest passes)
  • guests to pay $10 per harvested quail or pheasant
  • While we strive to have guides available at all times, they are only guaranteed with 48 hour notification
  • Cleaned birds must be picked up within 30 days or they become club property
  • members must abide by all federal and state regulations
  • members are responsible for the actions of all their guests
  • all harvests, catches, and kills must be reported and documented at the locker room
  • all members and guests must check in
  • no alcohol allowed before or during any activity involving firearms
  • all guests family members must be with the primary member at all times
  • guests/family members must be in the same boat as primary member (unless permission given)
  • members may not bring more than 1 guest at a time waterfowl or upland hunting without permission
  • lodge must be reserved 7 days in advance to guarantee availability (full members)
  • lodge reservations are rewarded based on level of membership, then seniority
  • no shooting from vehicles or utv
  • waterfowl hunters must only hunt from blinds
  • no “joyriding” during  hunting season…please stay on main roads and be courteous of other hunters
  • property manager will determine which areas are to be rested on a daily basis
  • covered boat storage and atv/utv storage must be kept in your assigned spot
  • non covered boat storage must be kept in your assigned spot
  • do not leave your vehicle/trailer on the ramp or blocking the ramp in any way
  • club reserves right to terminate any membership (refund dues on a prorated scale)
  • no guests allowed during opening day dove season without permission
  • must abide by all lake management practices

Guest Policy

Immediate family is allowed an unlimited amount of hunts/visits.  Immediate family is considered the spouse of the primary member and all children/grandchildren 18 and under.  All other family must be treated as a guest. Each membership is allotted a certain number of guest passes.  Once those are used, each additional guest is to pay $25/visit. Members must not bring more than 1 guest at a time without permission from the property manager.  Guests who upland game hunt must pay an additional $10/harvested bird.
All guests/family members must be with the primary member at all times.