Double Cluck Farms | Five Stand Construction Underway!
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Five Stand Construction Underway!


We are super excited to announce that traps and throwers are in and set up! Things will begin to move quickly at this point as the first stage of the project is complete. We are far from finished and have a lot to learn about the operation of the machines, setup and some construction before we officially launch the new five stand but watching the machines operate and getting to fire a couple practice shots really set the stage for this awesome addition to Double Cluck.

Roger Cox asking questions about the units used to program the throwers, throwing triggers and more.

Second Step

The second phase of this project will be the construction of the actual five stand building. We will be putting in a new Morton building “lean-to” that will complete the main course with five separate stalls for shooters. This building will also house our remote thrower mechanism and give shooters a chance to get out of the weather or hot sun when they are shooting. In true Double Cluck fashion, we are looking to make this one of the nicest courses available.  We feel with the addition of this building and the top of the line throwers, we will create one of the best shooting experiences in the area!

Guides, Rick Edwards and Bryan Bailey, loading the throwers for a demonstration and calibration purposes.

Finishing Touches

Once the building is in place we will be adding the finishing touches with gun racks, stands and signage for each thrower and elevating and leveling the wobble traps under the observation tower.  This course will present shooters with challenges at this location but will be mobile, so we can move it to different areas of the property for new looks and presentations throughout the year. Some of the challenges with this course will be dictated by the type of “menu” selected each week for the course and how the course is set up to throw different targets and completely different presentations.  We will also see some strong winds from time to time, that will make for more challenging shots and different leads each day.  This will be an exciting and different course almost every time you shoot it!

Testing out the new Wobble traps set up for a raised elevation shooting platform underneath our observation tower. This will be so much fun!

Big Bonus

Probably the most fun aspect of this course will be the double wobble trap set up under our observation tower.  This will be a bonus for the five stand course because it will offer a different type of shooting and more shooting opportunities in general. This setup will allow for an elevated shooting platform with the traps throwing different targets every round! It may come out as an alternating pair, where each machine will throw at different times, or it may come out as a true pair and each machine throwing the targets at the same time.  Regardless of how it throws the first pair, the next pair will be thrown differently as the throwers will reset themselves and throw the targets in a completely new location and with a completely new presentation.  I can see some real competitions getting started to see who’s the “best of the best” between members, guides and friends!

How Can I Join?

We are sorting through the details of this project and will be offering “Shooting Memberships” for this course. There will be a membership fee for anyone who is not currently a fishing or hunting member and then you will buy your clays and start shooting. Contact us for more information regarding pricing or any of our membership opportunities. Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

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