Double Cluck Farms | Fishing
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World Class Fishing

We are currently working on a new fishing program to help improve our world class fishing and try to take this opportunity to the next level!  We offer lakes stocked with every species you would want to fish for in Illinois.  Muskie, Walleye, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Bluegill, Crappie, Giant Red Ear, and even Northern Pike.  Each lake is managed for specific fish giving us the opportunity to develop a one in a kind fishing experience.  Check out our picture gallery for some of the awesome fish we found while shocking our lakes this past spring.  Our lakes include pole bending action or even an easy opportunity to fish from a bank with your kids.  Either option is great and a fun way to spend the day at Double Cluck Farms.  Managing our lakes for great fishing requires lots of fish to be taken in any given year!  Like everything else we do…management is a big part of our fisheries program.  Do your part and become a fishing member!

Big Lake:  Named for its 60 acres of surface water, this lake has a little bit of everything and some giant Muskie, Walleye and Largemouth bass.  You might even hook up with one of our Hybrid Stripers while fishing this lake.  This lake is a beast on its own…a great spot to try your skill on any species. Called one of the best Walleye hatcheries in the Midwest by Nate Herman from Herman Brothers Lake Management.

North West Lake:  Named for the location on the property, this lake has been known to produce 7-8 lbs. bass, 2-3 lbs. Crappie, and a fun fishing experience almost every visit! We have a serious plan in place to be producing 10 pound fish in this lake in the near future! 

No Name Lake:  Named after…well that’s what happens when you sit around and don’t get named.  This lake was restocked in 2006 and has some nice Bluegill.  It’s easy to access and can be fished from the bank.  It’s a great way to fill a limit of bass for the freezer in little time!

P-Hole:  Don’t ask me where the name came from on this lake but its a hidden treasure amongst our anglers.  A great early season spot for all the usual Illinois fish.  A great pan fishing lake but a chance to catch some 5-6 lbs. bass, good Crappie and a great for picking up Bluegill on their beds.

Smallmouth Lake:  The name says it all…this lake is stocked with Smallies that will make any angler excited.  The lake is also stocked with Giant Red Ear and regular Bluegill.  Northern Pike and Yellow Perch round off this beautiful honey hole.  We have taken several 4 to 4.5 lbs. Smallies but I’m waiting for that first 5 pounder! Access on this lake has been improved with a new boat ramp! 

Duck Hole:  Named after the groups of ducks that call this little pot-hole home, this little lake has some great Bluegill and even some large bass.  This lake is overlooked by many fisherman because of its size but don’t judge a book by its cover!

North and South Twin:  These two lakes are named after their similarities in relative size and shape.  Once a creek that ran through the club, a dam system built two of the best fishing lakes on the property!  These lakes have phenomenal bass fishing and great Crappie fishing as well!  It’s easy to move from one lake to another with the boat ramps just across the dam from one another.

Kid Pond:  Named after the kids that frequent this pond with their parents or grandparents, this lake is a great lake to bank fish with the kids.  The action is usually hot which makes for a great experience for everyone.  Don’t overlook the great ice fishing this lake offers!

Gate Lake:  Named for its proximity to the main gate of the property, this little jewel is full of great fish.  An owner’s grandson caught a 7 lbs. Northern out of this little lake and took a 7 lbs. bass out of the lake as well.  The poor kid is “hooked” for life!