Double Cluck Farms | Double Cluck Announces Plans for 5 Stand
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Double Cluck Announces Plans for 5 Stand



We are super excited to announce that the 5 Stand design that some of you have been hearing about is in the final stages! We just wanted to give you a heads up on what we believe is going to be a super cool project that will greatly enhance the club.  I would say that we are in the final planning stage, so most of this still subject to change…but it IS happening.

We wanted to add the joy of shooting to the club, but wanted to keep it simple and fun.  Five Stand setups allow for just that…you don’t have to walk an entire trap course, but it still carries the excitement and challenges of shooting.  It also isn’t quite as big of time commitment.  A full round in the Five Stand setup includes only 25 targets and can be completed very quickly.  Additionally, it gives us the option to move the traps around the farm to change up the course from time to time.  The main course will be by the lodge for convenience.

Additionally, we will be installing a double trap setup under the existing viewing deck.  This will be a much more informal course…if someone just wants to shoot for a bit without committing to a more formatted course, or if the five stand is full it gives the members a second option.  These throwers are super cool to.  They are called wobble traps, which essentially are oscillating throwers.  So even though there are only two throwers, you will have no idea where the targets will go. Jay and I went down to visit a similar operation in southern Illinois and these throwers seemed to be a crowd favorite.

We are also on the books with Morton Buildings to build a shooting shelter.  We purchased a 30×15 monoslope pavillion with 6 stations in the front (one for the thrower).  We just thought this would be a good addition to get out of the sun or even light rain.

The throwers are ordered and should be here in a few weeks. The building will probably be ready mid april hopefully.  We are targeting a late April launch…maybe even coordinating it with the Spring Fishing Tournament (to be announced soon) and the members meet and greet?

So here it is…with some help from the Promatic Dealer, here is the planned course!


So we are still thinking this through but here is what we know.  Current members will all receive free shooting memberships at no additional cost.  All current members will pay is the targets they shoot.  I believe standard in the industry is around 40 cents each.  The payment system and use is pretty awesome. So each member gets a card…and it essentially acts like a credit card. So say we sell 1000 targets at a time, your card is loaded up with that many targets.  When you want to shoot, you just place your card on the machine and it keeps track on every target.  Super simple.  Here is quick pic of that system.  There will be one at the main station and one at the double wobble setup.


We will keep you in the loop regarding this project.  If you are not a current member and are interested in joining as a shooting or hunting member, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.  For the rest of you, more to come soon!

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