Double Cluck Farms | Available Services
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Available Services

  • Goose/Duck Cleaning (Breasts Only)

    Guides will breast out your harvest and place in a ziplock back in the fridge/freezer with your name and details.

  • Goose/Duck Plucking

    Guides will pluck your harvests and place in the freezer/fridge with your name and details.

  • Pheasant/Quail Cleaning

    Guides will clean your upland game birds and put in fridge/freezer with your name and details.

  • Lodge Reservations

    Full and Hunting members get free lodge accommodations. All other members may reserve the lodge should it be open. Full and hunting members can bump all other reservations but must do so at least 7 days in advance. Every attempt will be made to join parties before terminating reservations.

    $30 per adult / night ($60 minimum)
  • Fish Cleaning

    Available upon request...Double Cluck will provide a guide to clean your fish within 24 hours of your catch. Cleaned fish will be put in the fridge/freezer with your name/details.